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It’s Our First Anniversary as Pioneers in the Emerging World of Unbundled Law Firms

If this past year has taught us anything, it is that Beeman & Muchmore is at the forefront of an exciting and necessary evolution towards unbundled law firms. It is no secret: aided in no small part by the pandemic, businesses are drastically reimagining their legal services, handling an increasing range of needs in-house and supplementing the rest with highly specialized counseling. Armed with our hard-fought micro-specialty of Oracle (and other) software licensing and auditing services, we are proud to be among the very first law firms to bring a specific unbundled legal service to the complex commercial law space.

Our First Year Far Surpassed Our Wildest Dreams

We are delighted to take our anniversary as an opportunity to offer heartfelt thanks to our steadfast clients, many of whom have been with us since Day 1 and many more who found their way to our firm throughout the past year. The scope of our work remains as diverse as our clientele: our services span the range of software licensing and audit defense counseling to contract drafting and negotiation to counseling regarding software assets in mergers and acquisitions; our clients continue to range from determined startups to Fortune 10 companies, from government contractors and agencies to nonprofit corporations. For each and every client, we value the confidence and trust they have put in our specialized service and delivery model. And, with the official introduction of our ERP installation & Tech ADR services, our services and client base will only expand in the years to come.

Still, by any measure, one of the biggest highlights of the past year was announcing our partnership with LicenseFortress last September. Our unique partnership has allowed us to pair our micro-specialty in software licensing counseling with the single most comprehensive software asset management offering in the market. As reported by Business Wire last year, “LicenseFortress, the only provider of a 100% guaranteed Oracle software license compliance solution, launched another industry first: The addition of specialized legal advisors to its licensing and technology teams with the goal of preventing costly license violations and legal disputes with software vendors.”

We have also spent the year spreading our knowledge and experience through voracious publishing. From three publications in legal and tech journals to four stories about Beeman & Muchmore in the press to composing almost 30 of our own blog posts chock-full of (what we hope is) helpful content, we have been busy to say the least. As a quick recap, our Publications and News can be found at:

* * *

To say that we look forward to another year of the same would be a profound understatement.

So instead we will paraphrase a lofty and optimistic rallying cry from two centuries ago: Onward and upward for us all!

Published on 6/7/2021

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