We partner with our clients on all phases of an ERP lifecycle—procurement installation, and ongoing operations.


The cornerstone of Beeman & Muchmore is protecting our clients from the manifold and profound risks inherent in ERP licensing. In our representation of ERP customers and licensees, we often see problems faced by clients during software audits and related vendor activity that could have been mitigated or even prevented by experienced legal counseling on the front end – before the ERP contract was finalized and executed by the client.

Our Procurement Practice offers a comprehensive approach to helping our clients manage risks before problems arise.

 In our observation, finding an ERP system which meets the IT department’s technical needs and budget constraints is too often initiated by businesses without the benefit of specialized legal counseling. Our history and experience demonstrate that the same prudence applied to the purchase of real estate and in other major procurement transactions should also be used when acquiring an ERP system. Indeed, the risks and financial exposure in procuring ERP technologies often exceed those to be found in any other acquisition by a business’s procurement department. 

With the formation of our Procurement Practice, Beeman & Muchmore will further build out its database and resources related to ERP contracts and be prepared to arm our clients on the front end against belligerent audits and other aggressive behavior by software vendors asserting their licensing agreements. A natural evolution of our years of experience in IP litigation and negotiating against the most prominent ERP vendors in the world, we come to negotiations fortified by the hard-earned know-how indispensable to protecting our clients’ interests. 

We work with our clients throughout the entire procurement process.

We provide guidance from requirements development and procurement planning through the bidding process and contract negotiations. We have been able to help our clients – both large and small — make sense of all the moving pieces to best advance and protect their interests. For our larger clients with a sophisticated procurement and legal infrastructure, Beeman & Muchmore serves as a seamless extension of their capabilities, which enhances the capacity of their existing resources while decreasing overall transaction times. For smaller clients, our structure and culture allow us to serve efficiently as their de facto procurement infrastructure, at a fraction of the cost of bringing this capability in-house. Always aspiring to develop best practices, we have also provided to our clients workshops/training related to procurement issues and negotiation strategies. 

Beeman & Muchmore’s Procurement Practice is built to ensure that we can partner with our clients on all phases of an ERP lifecycle – procurement, installation, and ongoing operations.

We can help with all types of licensing issues.

We provide the crucial context for your issue and leverage our experience to help you avoid a dispute.


Installation in a virtualized and/or third party cloud environment

Inadvertent installation of unwanted software

Application of Oracle’s Java licensing terms

Deciphering technical support requirements —e.g. matching support streams

Decommissioning servers and/or deplatforming software

Ongoing handling of shelved and/or migrated licenses