ERP software installation services

Beeman & Muchmore’s robust ERP installation practice is designed to protect your company’s interests at every stage of the process.

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Our Added Value​

ERP installation agreements are stacked against licensees.

ERP installation agreements are typically drafted by vendors to shift the bulk of the responsibility to the licensee and to limit vendor liability on the remainder. We can help level the playing field before your installation begins.

ERP installations are complicated by third-party integrators.

ERP installations can be further complicated by integrators who have conflicting obligations to the licensee and vendor. We can help identify potential conflicts and ensure your company is not left without recourse.

ERP installations are rarely successful.

ERP installations are often considered failures by the licensee – some studies suggest as much as 75 percent of the time. We can help protect your rights before, during and after a troubled installation.

Failed ERP installations are disastrous.

ERP installation failures are financial disasters that can wreak havoc on business operations and internal morale. In the event of a failing installation, we can help stabilize vendor relations and set realistic recovery expectations that keep your company out of litigation.

ERP software installation services

Your company’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is integral to its ability to manage and understand the mission-critical components of your business operations.  Unfortunately, preceding every running ERP system is complex and often treacherous installation process. And, as scores of unsuspecting companies have discovered the hard way, very few ERP installations go as planned and many are nothing short of a nightmare. Failed or failing ERP installations not only severely disrupt your business and cause skyrocketing costs, they can also represent an existential threat to your company.

Having Beeman & Muchmore involved in your installation can level the playing field and help correct the imbalance of power between you and your vendor.  Whether it’s drafting and negotiating elaborate service agreements, help in guiding the installation itself, or, when necessary, holding vendors accountable to their contractual obligations, Beeman & Muchmore protects your interests through one of the most—if not the most—important transactions your company will undertake.

Negotiating and Drafting Installation Agreements

With little exception, standard installation agreements should not be considered acceptable for your company. Based on our years of experience at all stages of the installation process, Beeman & Muchmore can identify landmines and work with you to ensure your agreement—the blueprint for your entire installation—protects your company.

Overseeing the Installation Process

All too often, licensees that are consumed with the day-to-day and month-to-month of a longtail installation are dismayed to discover that their vendor has been subtly seeding communications with blame-shifting tactics and otherwise making a devastating record. Beeman & Muchmore casts an experienced and expert eye over the installation process to assure that problems that may develop are addressed appropriately by the vendor and, in the case of a failing installation, the record is free from harmful admissions that will make it difficult, if not impossible, for your company to get the benefit of its bargain.

Course Correcting Failing Installations

When installations start to careen off course, panic and dread – on behalf of both the vendor and licensee – can preclude rational and effective resolution. Bringing Beeman & Muchmore on board to negotiate ongoing remedial efforts and otherwise align the parties can rescue a bad situation and evade the waste of a full-fledged dispute.

Resolving Installation Related Disputes

Most litigation spawned by troubled ERP installations is entirely avoidable. In our experience, it is the overwhelming frustration of witnessing the derailing of an undertaking of immense importance to your company that inspires quixotic litigation that, at best, will result in a painful and Pyrrhic victory. We are committed to our notion that nearly all – if not all – ERP installation disputes can and should be resolved through constructive negotiation helmed by counsel with extensive experience in the industry.

We can help with all types of licensing issues.

We provide the crucial context for your issue and leverage our experience to help you avoid a dispute.


Installation in a virtualized and/or third party cloud environment

Inadvertent installation of unwanted software

Application of Oracle’s Java licensing terms

Deciphering technical support requirements —e.g. matching support streams

Decommissioning servers and/or deplatforming software

Ongoing handling of shelved and/or migrated licenses