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After over 60 combined years in BigLaw, with nearly 35 of those years as partners at some of the most prominent law firms in the world, we created Beeman & Muchmore, LLP. With our main office in San Francisco, we provide customized software licensing and auditing counseling of unqualified excellence free from the inefficiencies that burden the traditional full-service law firm.

Our software licensing microspecialty is informed by years of experience bucking the unfortunate trend of software vendors—including, but not limited to, Oracle Corporation—weaponizing software audits as revenue generation campaigns and as fodder for launching competitor-on-competitor attacks. We have represented scores of licensees of all types and sizes in their disputes with Oracle and other major software vendors, including serving as  

the litigation team for Mars, Inc. in the iconic Mars v. Oracle matter – to date the only public filing by a licensee challenging Oracle’s deeply unpopular licensing and auditing practices. 

We have leveraged our years of managing recurring software disputes to create a unique value proposition that delivers our software licensing microspecialty directly to our clients. By creating a nimble law firm designed to offer our counseling on a multitude of different scales, our clients receive – and pay for – no more than the precise services they need. 

By marrying a flexible delivery model with endlessly creative fee arrangements, we believe Beeman & Muchmore is a harbinger of the sustainable and client-focused law firm the future of our industry is already demanding.

business as usual is a thing of the past

No one can afford any illusions—the COVID-19 pandemic is the game-changer of our lifetime. Across all industries, the only thing that anyone knows for certain is that “business as usual” is a thing of the past. As the aging models that have dominated the distribution of legal services for decades come under increasing scrutiny, the legal industry is facing a degree of turmoil that it hasn’t seen for generations. With our combined decades as partners in the largest and most prominent law firms in the country, Beeman & Muchmore believe that the legal industry is best served by embracing change rather than resisting it. Although the pandemic has brought an immediacy to grappling with the future, the transformation in our industry has been underway for some time. 

It is no secret—businesses of all types and sizes are reimagining their legal services, handling an increasing range of needs in-house and—for the balance—seeking highly specialized counseling that can be delivered free of the inefficiencies that burden traditional full-service law firms. We believe these trends will usher our profession to new heights of accountability and effectiveness. Accordingly, we are proud to launch Beeman & Muchmore, LLP —a new law firm specially designed to meet the emerging needs and demands of the new world.

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