A New Law Firm for a New World

As the aging models that have dominated legal services for decades come under increasing scrutiny, the legal industry is facing turmoil that it hasn’t seen for generations. Across industries, the only thing for certain is that “business as usual” is a thing of the past. As partners with decades of experience in the country’s largest and most prominent law firms, we founded Beeman & Muchmore to embrace that change rather than resist it.

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Facing a software licensing dispute? We’re your legal team.

Since it was founded on June 1, 2020, in San Francisco, California, Beeman & Muchmore, LLP has become the benchmark for legal counseling in the world of software licensing, staking a unique claim to an exclusive microspeciality in the global enterprise resource planning (ERP) software market. With that market projected to reach annual revenue of nearly $120 billion by 2030, effective legal counseling demands nothing less than complete dedication.

We were the litigation team for Mars, Inc. when it sued software giant Oracle Corporation during a license audit—to date, Mars v. Oracle remains the only public filing by a licensee challenging Oracle’s deeply unpopular software licensing and auditing practices. Since then, we have represented scores of licensees—from small businesses to global enterprises—in their disputes with Oracle and other major software vendors.


What We Bring Our Clients

Big Law Talent and Experience

After over 60 combined years in BigLaw, we have represented companies of all sizes, in all industries, handling all types of matters that go to the heart of their essential business operations.

Software Licensing and Auditing Counseling

We have a turnkey proficiency handling software licensing and auditing disputes with Oracle Corporation and other prominent global software vendors.

Dispute Resolution and Litigation Avoidance

Our experience in handling recurring licensing and auditing disputes has uniquely positioned us to extricate your company or organization from their dispute while avoiding costly litigation. 

Our Value Proposition

Our unique practice model allows us to deliver our highly-specialized counseling, directly to your company or organization, free from inefficient and costly overhead. We are California SBE certified and SAM registered.


How Calif. Firm Found Its Niche In Software License Disputes

Three years after parting ways with BigLaw mainstay Crowell & Moring LLP, the leaders of a small California-based boutique say they’ve found a recipe for success representing business clients in software licensing fee disputes with computing giant Oracle and similar companies.

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In the world of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) the future is now for AI. ERP vendors are increasingly incorporating AI into their standard offerings, both machine learning and generative AI, presenting real risk for your business today.

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We track trends in software licensing so we can help you understand what to expect.


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