tech ADR (alternative dispute resolution)

During our decades at BigLaw, we represented clients in nearly 100 jury and bench trials, arbitration proceedings and mediations. While we invariably litigated with resolve and creativity on behalf of our clients, we personally witnessed the devastating distraction that litigation becomes for our clients deeply mired in document production, deposition preparation and discovery disputes—not to mention the gripping uncertainty of a trial itself. Time is the most important currency in the life of a business, and nothing quite depletes that resource like litigation.

Ever mindful of our litigation experiences and our lessons learned, Beeman & Muchmore offers parties in software licensing agreement disputes our services as presiding arbitrators and mediators. Licensing disputes are typically breach of contract matters and, depending on the context, demand a facilitator or decision maker with sufficient knowledge and expertise of the subject matter to understand the true parameters of the dispute. To facilitate resolution and settlement of a software licensing dispute, the arbitrator or mediator should have knowledge and expertise regarding the industry in which the licensing agreement was consummated and the legal framework applicable to such agreements.

In the world of enterprise resource planning software—including disputes between contracting parties involving audits and failed installations—Beeman & Muchmore has unmatched knowledge and expertise of the industry and legal framework of the controlling agreements. As an arbitrator or mediator in your dispute, we bring not only unique skills in handling complex commercial disputes but also an understanding of the technical details surrounding intertwining software technologies and complex and multilayered agreements.

ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) in the technology space is highly differentiated, and our services as arbitrators or mediators are cutting edge. We are conversant on the latest technologies in ADR, including online dispute resolution and managing cybersecurity risks, which is essential as more and more proceedings are being conducted virtually.

Arthur Beeman and Joel Muchmore are members of the Silicon Valley Arbitration & Mediation Center (SVAMC). SVAMC serves the global technology sector by promoting business-practical dispute resolution, working “with leading technology companies, law firms, ADR institutions and universities in Silicon Valley and around the globe to provide educational programming and related resources regarding the effective and efficient resolution of technology-related disputes.”