government practices

We understand that public entities require a unique set of risk management tools.

government practices

As citizens, we rely on our federal, state and local governments to deliver the vital services which go towards protecting our safety and health. Paradoxically, however, no one could deny that governments and government agencies are increasingly being asked to do more with less and, oftentimes, with increasingly tight internal rules that govern accountability, procurement, and other integral decision-making processes. When bureaucratic rules and budget constraints come to bear on the ERP software solutions that governments are depending on to better serve constituents, key operational functions such as finance, human resources, procurement, and case management are at risk.

Beeman & Muchmore is uniquely designed to effectively partner with government entities on all matters related to ERP software.

We leverage our expertise, not attorney time, to assist government clients in attaining the next level of innovation in ERP software solutions with minimum disruption and maximum cost-effectiveness. Our partnership with government entities means that our clients receive best practices in legal counseling on ERP matters, including instances of contentious audits by vendors. We work with our clients throughout the entire procurement process.It also means that Beeman & Muchmore can deliver those services within the strict budget authorizations often imposed on government bodies. 

However, our value add is not just a matter of cost efficiencies – government contracting is a unique animal and one with which we are familiar. We are experienced with the manner in which government contracting can yield exponentially more layered and complex licensing agreements and, therefore, we can sidestep the inefficiencies that impact counsel unfamiliar with government work.

Our services to any federal, state, and local government include our heightened awareness and sensitivity to applicable security standards, transparency, and other compliance mandates.

Further, we understand that risk management for a public entity cannot be evaluated the same as it can in the private sector. We appreciate and serve the public mandate and understand that whether new ERP efficiencies are needed in financial or human resource management, performance budgeting or procurement, the path forward for our government clients requires expert legal counseling that best protects the public resources.

We understand that a government entity burdened with educating its outside counsel on the nature of government work is at a distinct disadvantage.

 Beeman & Muchmore’s flexibility and willingness to partner with government truly reflect our guiding principle that we are all in this together.

We can help with all types of licensing issues.

We provide the crucial context for your issue and leverage our experience to help you avoid a dispute.


Installation in a virtualized and/or third party cloud environment

Inadvertent installation of unwanted software

Application of Oracle’s Java licensing terms

Deciphering technical support requirements —e.g. matching support streams

Decommissioning servers and/or deplatforming software

Ongoing handling of shelved and/or migrated licenses