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It’s Official! Beeman & Muchmore, LLP has Partnered with LicenseFortress!!

In today’s press release titled LicenseFortress Raises the Bar in Oracle Software License Compliance with the Addition of Experienced Legal Counsel Beeman & Muchmore, LLP, our exciting new venture with LicenseFortress was officially announced.

As stated in the press release, our partnership is an “industry first”:

"LicenseFortress, the only provider of a 100% guaranteed Oracle software license compliance solution, launched another industry first: The addition of specialized legal advisors to its licensing and technology teams with the goal of preventing costly license violations and legal disputes with software vendors.

LicenseFortress has partnered with Beeman & Muchmore, LLP, an innovative law firm delivering highly specialized software auditing and licensing counseling. The firm’s founding partners, Arthur S. Beeman and Joel T. Muchmore, have extensive experience representing clients in disputes with most prominent software vendors, including serving as lead counsel in the pivotal case Mars v. Oracle, in which the international confectioner was the first to challenge the software giant’s licensing and audit practices in a publicly-filed lawsuit."

Suffice to say, we couldn’t be more thrilled.

When we formed Beeman & Muchmore in June of this year, it was with the modest goal of creating a flexible platform to deliver our software licensing and auditing services in the most efficient manner possible. To further this modest goal, we created the GigLaw model for the delivery of legal services which, to date, has been met with much enthusiasm.

We consider our partnership with LicenseFortress to be a logical extension of our unique GigLaw value proposition. Through our joint offering, companies are further empowered to contain their legal spend and enjoy a previously impossible element of certainty when considering their Oracle software licensing legal and consulting needs. As the release continued:

"This represents a radical and much-needed change to the delivery of software licensing legal services,” concluded Muchmore. “Through this partnership, now the lawyers are there from the beginning to stave off problems, contain disputes and thereby control legal spend."

We agree with Michael Corey, LicenseFortress’ Co-Founder – this is part of a revolution in Oracle license compliance:

"With Beeman & Muchmore, we continue to revolutionize the industry by integrating legal, licensing, and technological expertise in order to offer the only comprehensive solution to Oracle license compliance,” said Michael Corey.

And we are delighted to be a part of that revolution. We have admired LicenseFortress for years and simply could not be more excited about the future of our collaboration. One of Beeman & Muchmore’s foundational principles rests on the need for the legal industry to steer away from its wasteful proclivity to react to problems. We believe that the future of our industry lies in helping clients get ahead of potential pitfalls rather than profiting when problems threaten to spiral out of control.

Our partnership with LicenseFortress is an essential step in paving the way to the future--not just of Oracle and software licensing--but of the legal industry itself.

To read the complete press release, please click here.

Published on 9/8/2020

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