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More on Our New Partnership with LicenseFortress!

Recently, Database Trends and Applications shared the news of our new partnership with LicenseFortress. While officially announced on September 8, 2020, we are very pleased to share this post from

LicenseFortress, provider of an Oracle software license compliance solution, has announced the addition of services by specialized legal advisors to its licensing and technology teams.

LicenseFortress is partnering with Beeman & Muchmore, LLP, a law firm delivering software auditing and licensing counseling, with the goal of helping customers to stay in compliance with software licensing in order to avoid license violations and legal disputes with software vendors.

LicenseFortress says it chose the law firm because its founding partners Arthur S. Beeman and Joel T. Muchmore have extensive experience representing clients in disputes with prominent software vendors.

“With Beeman & Muchmore, we continue to revolutionize the industry by integrating legal, licensing, and technological expertise in order to offer the only comprehensive solution to Oracle license compliance,” said Michael Corey, LicenseFortress co-founder and a past president of the IOUG.

Now included in the LicenseFortress Premier subscription, Beeman & Muchmore will provide legal counseling regarding how companies can deploy their technology to best avoid license violations. The firm’s partners are already working alongside the LicenseFortress experts by reviewing and interpreting license agreements and advising how customer hardware configurations and software deployment conforms or diverges from their contractual obligations.

“It would be extremely difficult—if not impossible—for a lawyer without years of experience with the recurring nature of these disputes to understand the myriad of issues at play and offer meaningful assistance," said Muchmore. “We are taking all those years of experience, putting ourselves in the client’s seat and asking, ‘What can we do to prevent litigation?’” added Beeman.

According to LicenseFortress, software compliance audits can easily cost companies into the tens of millions of dollars. LicenseFortress aims to save customers money by optimizing licenses and eliminating audit liabilities.

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We are now entering the third official month of our ground-breaking collaboration with LicenseFortress. And, in this short time, we have been thrilled by the broadening opportunity to serve a wide variety of Oracle licensees on a cost-effective basis. And, even more so, it has been gratifying to watch our forward-thinking “GigLaw” model take shape.

When we launched Beeman & Muchmore in June of this year, we accompanied it with a pair of blog posts entitled “The Road from BigLaw to GigLaw.” In these posts, we traced the increasing obsolescence of the BigLaw model and what we saw as the emerging utility of our “GigLaw” model for the efficient and client-focused delivery of legal services. And now, three months into our LicenseFortress collaboration, we are watching our optimistic projections of where we believe our troubled industry should go morph into an actuality with the delivery of our legal services serving as a daily testament to our model.

Thanks again to LicenseFortress for this opportunity as we continue looking forward to the future.

Published on 11/5/2020

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