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LicenseFortress Raises the Bar in Oracle Software License Compliance with the Addition of Experienced Legal Counsel Beeman & Muchmore, LLP

LOS ANGELES –(BUSINESS WIRE)– LicenseFortress, the only provider of a 100% guaranteed Oracle software license compliance solution, launched another industry first: The addition of specialized legal advisors to its licensing and technology teams with the goal of preventing costly license violations and legal disputes with software vendors. 

LicenseFortress has partnered with Beeman & Muchmore, LLP, an innovative law firm delivering highly specialized software auditing and licensing counseling. The firm’s founding partners, Arthur S. Beeman and Joel T. Muchmore, have extensive experience representing clients in disputes with most prominent software vendors, including serving as lead counsel in the pivotal case Mars v. Oracle, in which the international confectioner was the first to challenge the software giant’s licensing and audit practices in a publicly-filed lawsuit. 

“With Beeman & Muchmore, we continue to revolutionize the industry by integrating legal, licensing, and technological expertise in order to offer the only comprehensive solution to Oracle license compliance,” said Michael Corey. 

Now included in the LicenseFortress Premier subscription – at no additional cost – Beeman & Muchmore will provide legal counseling regarding how companies can deploy their technology to best avoid license violations. The firm’s partners are already working alongside the LicenseFortress experts by reviewing and interpreting license agreements and advising how customer hardware configurations and software deployment conforms or diverges from their contractual obligations. 

“Years of experience defending clients against Oracle and other aggressive software vendors has ideally positioned us to immediately assess, largely predict, and efficiently anticipate and manage software license disputes,” said Muchmore. “It would be extremely difficult — if not impossible – for a lawyer without years of experience with the recurring nature of these disputes to understand the myriad of issues at play and offer meaningful assistance.” 

“We are taking all those years of experience, putting ourselves in the client’s seat and asking, ‘What can we do to prevent litigation?’” said Beeman. “We are part of the LicenseFortress solution where you have your best shot of avoiding all of this audit garbage and all of the stress that comes from a dispute going south and having a big bully out there that’s going to make your life miserable.” 

“This represents a radical and much-needed change to the delivery of software licensing legal services,” concluded Muchmore. “Through this partnership, now the lawyers are there from the beginning to stave off problems, contain disputes and thereby control legal spend.” 

Software compliance audits can easily cost companies into the tens of millions of dollars, and the average LicenseFortress customer saved $2.9 million with a LicenseFortress subscription. Named a Trend-Setting Product for 2020 by Database Trends and Applications magazine, LicenseFortress saves customers money by optimizing licenses and eliminating audit liabilities. LicenseFortress subscription customers save, on average, 125% more than from traditional software license consultants. 

About LicenseFortress 

LicenseFortress is an Oracle software asset management company delivering a combined solution of best-in-class, real-time monitoring of systems, and a team of license compliance experts. Founded in 2014, LicenseFortress was inspired by the need for organizations running Oracle databases to utilize the powerful business tool while avoiding the costly and time-consuming audits and fees resulting from violations of license agreements.

Published on 9/16/2020