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Stealth Audits, Survey Results and Licensing in Our Current Economic Times: Beeman & Muchmore Team Up with LicenseFortress on ITAM Podcast

We are happy to share that Beeman & Muchmore recently participated in Podcast Episode 117: How to Protect Against Stealth Audits. With host Rich Gibbons from The ITAM Review, we were once again joined by our colleagues at LicenseFortressDean Bolton and Michael Corey. In this latest episode, we share our thoughts and insights surrounding the current world of software audits, licensing agreements and the intersection of ITAM & legal professionals.

One particular focus of this podcast is the rise of “soft” or “stealth” audits – innocuous sales calls that metastasize into an audit-like posture – which are becoming distressingly commonplace in the market. We also discuss LicenseFortress’s 2022 survey regarding enterprise software licensing and audit trends in mid-sized companies. Lastly, we touch on what the current economic climate means for the average licensee. As always, Oracle Corporation takes the spotlight in our discussions, but there was plenty of discussion regarding other aggressive licensors (such as perennial favorites Quest and MicroFocus).

Thanks again to LicenseFortress and The ITAM Review. And thank you for tuning in – please spread the word!

Published on 10/6/2022

Software licensors are known for vague contracts—they’ve made a business of it. 

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