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We Joined Forces with LicenseFortress for a Vital ITAM Podcast (Including Software License Audit Advice and Strategies)

Earlier this month, we had the great pleasure of teaming up once again with Michael Corey and Dean Bolton from LicenseFortress for Podcast Episode 115: ITAM and legal, the traditional approach to ITAM is no longer enough graciously hosted by Rich Gibbons from The ITAM Review. In it, we discuss the importance of retaining an attorney when engaged in a software license audit or upon receiving a software license audit notice. But not just any attorney will do.

Historically, licensees needing assistance with an audit process often reached out for legal or 'expert' help but – innocently or unknowingly – got it from the wrong folks. An attorney lacking a technological and in-depth understanding of licensing contracts could easily miss the complexities involved in said contracts. Additionally, an 'expert' software license consultant (often trained by the vendor behind the audit) might come to the audit table with a conflict of interest due to sharing the same audit perspective as the vendor.

Michael Corey said it best:

When Dean and I entered the business, we realized very early on that legal is such an important aspect of this business, and one of the things that I find frustrating is I see software license consultants that act like they’re practicing law. They’re not lawyers. They don’t understand the subtleties of these contracts. They’re way over their heads.

Many thanks to LicenseFortress and The ITAM Review for the lively conversation and collaboration. And thank you for tuning in for all (or even just part) of this ever-so-timely podcast.

Published on 8/3/2022

Software licensors are known for vague contracts—they’ve made a business of it. 

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