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Covid and software licensing audits

Covid-19 & Software Licensing Ramifications Due to Remote Access

Companies should assume that software vendors will have a laser focus on aspects of noncompliance related to remote workplaces due to Covid-19. After struggling to win new business during the pandemic, software vendors will be on the lookout for ways to ‘exercise their audit rights’ and expand their revenue streams. Now is the time to prepare for inevitable software licensing audits.

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biglaw to giglaw

The Road from BigLaw to GigLaw: Pt. II

After the retrospective in Part I of “The Road from BigLaw to GigLaw,” we now look into the future of our industry. Specifically, we consider the progressive delivery models that the consumers of legal services have worked for years to put in place and which we believe will be firmly entrenched in the post-Covid-19 economy.

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beeman muchmore press release

A New Law Firm for a New World

Founded in 2020 by Arthur S. Beeman and Joel Muchmore, Beeman & Muchmore, LLP is a new law firm primarily dedicated to providing software licensing and auditing counseling to the new world.

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