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Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays from Beeman & Muchmore!

As we say farewell to 2020, we would like to take the opportunity to thank you for your continued support of Beeman & Muchmore. To say that 2020 has been an interesting year would be an understatement, as abrupt changes swept across the globe in nearly every profession and walk of life.

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oracle securities litigation

The Oracle Securities Litigation: The Hero We May Want (but Perhaps Not the Hero We Will Get)

The nakedly optimistic legal axiom “Where there is a wrong there is a remedy” gives a blanket assurance that all legitimate grievances are inherently susceptible to redress. For those of us who live in the software licensing space and believe Oracle’s infamously aggressive auditing and licensing tactics are such a wrong, we often ask ourselves whether Oracle will ever find itself targeted by the right remedy at the right time.

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google v. oracle

Google v. Oracle

If any of your company’s employees use Java – which, if you are tech or tech-adjacent, some almost certainly do – your company’s vulnerability to Oracle audits is likely to increase over the next few years. And, in this post, we explain why.

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