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Celebrating Three Years of Success

To our valued clients, colleagues and friends:

As of June 1, Beeman & Muchmore is celebrating its third anniversary! Without your unwavering support, trust, collaboration, and friendship, we would never have reached this milestone. And, as with all milestones, putting the cap on three years of serving and protecting our clients was built upon a sturdy foundation of notable achievements and innovations.

To name just a few:

  • We brought to market a unique business model built around a micro-speciality of software legal counseling – Oracle Corporation and other vendors – in the $60 billion global ERP market.
  • Our innovative platform generated extensive media coverage, including most recently a comprehensive article on Beeman & Muchmore in Law360.
  • We forged a ground-breaking partnership with LicenseFortress, a software asset management firm, to provide companies and organizations with unparalleled support in compliance and optimization review, software license audit defense, contract negotiations, and related compliance issues.
  • We obtained global market validation from clients with operations expanding far beyond the United States and Europe, including, among others, Australia, Brazil, India, Israel and Japan.
  • We demonstrated our expertise to clients across a variety of industries, including defense contractors, public and private health care networks, global clothing and food/beverage chains, energy suppliers, government agencies, and technology giants, to name just a few.
  • We reaffirmed our status as thought leaders in the ERP market by speaking on numerous webinars and podcasts, writing for several prestigious publications, generating over 60 blog posts, and being regularly sought for comments and opinions by industry watchers.
  • We leveraged our flexible business model and fee structure to represent clients of many varieties in disputes of different sizes.
  • We have identified and expanded into new services within our software licensing micro-specialty, including ERP installationsprocurementgovernment practicessoftware license trolls and Oracle Java.
  • We revamped the Beeman & Muchmore website just this week to better capture our greater scope of services and thought leadership and to assist clients in determining how best to use our legal counseling and leverage our unique practice model.
  • We collaborated with The Coalition for Fair Software Licensing in bringing to light throughout the market the importance of fair and transparent software licensing terms to preserve the growth and security of businesses.

Most of all, after three years, Beeman & Muchmore remains committed to its core values of efficiency, agility and client-centricity. We are excited about the opportunities that lay ahead, confident that the next three years will be even more remarkable.

Art and Joel

Published June 2, 2023

Software licensors are known for vague contracts—they’ve made a business of it. 

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