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A New Law Firm for a New World

San Francisco Attorneys Launch Beeman & Muchmore, LLP—A New Law Firm for a New World

Unique Practice Model Offers an Antidote to Traditional Legal Services

SAN FRANCISCO – As the world responds to the COVID-019 Pandemic, a Phoenix is rising in the field of law and it is bringing a new, nimble approach. With the launch of Beeman Muchmore, LLP, an innovative law firm emerges with virtual offices and a unique practice model for the delivery of highly specialized software auditing and licensing counseling. 

Founded by Arthur S. Beeman and Joel T. Muchmore, both successful courtroom lawyers and long-time veterans of BigLaw, Beeman & Muchmore is taking a decidedly different approach to their firm’s structure and believe that their model represents a bright future for law unencumbered by the full-service BigLaw model.

“Joel and I have worked together for nearly a decade and have had a shared vision of what a law firm could look like in the new world,” Beeman explained. “The dramatic impact from the global pandemic confirmed that we can serve our clients better with our unique approach and deep understanding of recurring software licensing disputes outside the BigLaw framework.” 

Both partners have unparalleled experience in the legal complexities of software licensing disputes.  In a pivotal case, Beeman and Muchmore were the litigation team for Mars, Incorporated when it sued software giant Oracle Corporation. To date, Mars v. Oracle remains the only public filing by a licensee challenging Oracle’s deeply unpopular licensing and audit practices. Subsequently, they have represented clients ranging from small businesses to global enterprises in disputes with Oracle and other software providers. Their extensive knowledge of these issues provides a unique benefit that is free from costly learning curves and allows clients to avoid crippling litigation fees.

“I believe we are at the vanguard of a new era in law,” Muchmore stated. “Businesses of all types and sizes are reassessing their needs and are seeking targeted legal services delivered in the most efficient way possible. We are proud to launch a platform tailored to meet that demand and we believe that others across the legal industry will shortly follow.”

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Published on 6/4/2020